Ulla Wobst

Fascination Mystery

Two passions- for literature and for art- have accompanied me from the beginning. The one for literature led to my first profession. After having studied philology, German and English, at the universities of Munich, Tuebingen, Berlin, Cologne, Muenster and Wuerzburg I became one of the headmasters of a German Gymnasium, responsible for the language and fine art department and teacher for German, English and drama.Teaching children and young adults literature , analytically and creatively , was a great pleasure. I put on stage many theatre plays by international dramatists or put in scene texts of literary movements ( such as Dada) or those by outstanding poets ( i.e. by Ingeborg Bachmann).

Parallely- as an autodidact- I studied the history of fine arts and developed my faculties of painting.

Since 2001 I have been working as free lance artist as a second profession in my atelier in Dortmund.

My topic is man and his basic themes : Life, Love and Death in contrast to social-critical ones that for me are too superficial and transitory. In addition, my themes are also literature and foreign cultures.

My statement is: Reality is infinite. It consists of everything revealed to us by our senses, lived an experienced, and as well includes everything imagined, felt, dreamed and thought of. But it is not limited to all this. In the realms of spirit and soul there are no boundaries.

According to this motto wanting to present the infinite variety of reality my artworks range from formal to more or less psychedelic art. For this purpose I make use of an archive of literary relations, dream projections and memories. I also employ abstract, symbolic and surreal elements.

My material are all kinds of colours ( watercolours, pastels, acrylics, oil) and structure material, often used as mixed media on paper or canvas.

In addition to a more or less formal/traditional style I make use of a rhythmic kind of style leading to a sort of fabric or texture caused by a prismatic segmentation of an outer image. This ends up in a composition arranged into a myriad of cells and coloured segments. So the composition leads a sort of independent existence, a life of its own.

My main interest is concentrated on man and the mystery he is he is surrounded by from the beginning . Virginia Woolf, an authoress I appreciate much, says in this context: 'Life is a luminous halo, a semi-transparent envelope surrounding us from the beginning.'

I was born in Gelsenkirchen-Buer, Germany, I’m married and have two children.